A Connected World

Augmented Reality introduces new realms of immersive pleasures and intimacy.

We live in a connected world, billions of people communicate daily with video chat software changing the way we keep in touch. With change comes new immersive technologies that can emulate how we see, feel and touch.
VR /AR have taken the world by storm and the sex toy industry isn't far behind with interactive connected haptic toys that will change how we play forever. Intimuse has an issued patent interactive haptic sex toys that bring human sexual dynamics alive over the Internet.

A New Category of Relationships

A New Category of Relationships
The world around us is growing. People from every corner of our world now communicate with each other on a daily basis. Telecommunication has matured to a level never before seen, allowing for more people to connect affordably and with much more ease  The advent of live video chatting has changed how people interact with each other; live cams, sexting have become a norm in developing relationships over vast oceans.  Combining visual stimuli and physical pleasures is now possible. Intimuse and  a leading manufacturer in live 3D-VR technologies join forces to offer the next best thing to being there.

A revolution in sex toys

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A road map to interactive, bi-directional connective haptic sex toys.

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Adult Toy Market

With over 700 new AR/VR start ups world wide and the increasing public acceptance in pleasure toys. It is no surprise that these two industries are showing record numbers word wide.

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Intimuse has designed haptic force-touch feedback products and ecosystems, with all components protected by our issued US patent.

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A Fusion of Pleasure and VR Technology

An evolution in how we see, touch and feel.

Virtual reality represents an astonishing level of visual intimacy, one that can be shared among billions of people. It forms the backbone of the next generation of online adult entertainment. The introduction of connected haptic sex toys complete augmented reality by addressing all our remaining senses. A virtual fusion of pleasure and technology.

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