Adult Toy Market

Adult Toy Market

With billions pouring into hardware, software and content from VR and AR to MR, Intimuse is poised to bring products to market that unite people together for erotic pleasure. Intimuse products have the power to transform millions into billions across traditional sex toys and online dating to adult web cams powered by immersive camera technology. The adult web cam market alone has the power to sell millions of units.

Multiple markets drive the current adult market. These silos represent significant revenue opportunities based on current use and projected trends.

  • Traditional Sex Toys – the next generation more than a vibrating stick - $1B+

  • Streaming Video – integrates sensation with over 4 billion hours of video content/yr.

  • Online Dating - evolves intimate possibilities - $2B /90 million unique visitors a month

  • Adult WebCam Market – extend revenue of an existing and thriving model - $2.5B yr. / 30 million unique visitors a month

  • Mobile Virtual / Augmented Reality – haptic-based human touch - $108B by 2021